What Happens If I Buy Tesla Stock Today? Things To Consider

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For one, the automobile industry is a notoriously tough industry to operate in, with intense competition. Tesla may have a lead in the emerging EV market, but there is no guarantee that incumbents and newcomers cannot catch up. For example, BYD recently sold around 93,000 electric cars in China in December 2021, which is not far from Tesla’s average monthly sales of around 102,000 in the fourth quarter of 2021.

  • (Tesla itself said the shutdown was just for “annual maintenance work.”) This morning, however, in a curious backhanded compliment, investment bank R.W.
  • Before you invest in Tesla — or any other company — make sure you’ve done your homework.
  • Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, leases, and sells electric vehicles, and energy generation and storage systems in the United States, China, and internationally.
  • For example, Tesla produced 305,407 vehicles in the most recent quarter, an increase of 69% from the year-ago quarter.

Tesla lists the base model with single-motor rear-wheel drive at $39,900. The dual-motor all-wheel drive and tri-motor all-wheel drive models are priced at $49,900 and $69,900, respectively. Assuming that 1.2 million reservations ai companies to invest in is accurate and taking the conservative estimate that all reservations are for the least expensive model, Tesla is looking at about $48 billion in revenue. For some context, the company’s 2020 revenue was $31.5 billion.

Should You Buy Tesla Stock Right Now?

That means you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions to figure out how much you can afford to invest in TSLA. Chris Neiger has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. But avoiding the EV market entirely could be a huge mistake, and ignoring Tesla’s (TSLA 1.56%) lead in the space could be an especially bad decision. Clearly, this could be somewhat of a distraction, and it worried many investors.

If shareholders sign off on a stock split, you’ll be in line to receive additional shares of stock on the big day. The electric vehicle giant declared plans to seek an increase in the number of authorized shares of common stock. If the company gets the green light, Tesla can pursue a stock split.

Tesla’s quarterly deliveries, profit seen lower by Citi

Tesla stock trades at very rich valuation multiples compared to most other established players in the automotive market. If you sell your shares for more than you paid and make a profit—known as capital gains—you will likely owe taxes, unless you’re selling shares held in a tax-advantaged account. Once you’ve decided how much you want to invest in Tesla, you can buy your first shares. You’ll need to log into your brokerage account and enter Tesla’s ticker symbol (TSLA) and the number of shares you want to buy or the dollar amount you want to invest. If you’re investing for retirement, go with a tax-advantaged individual retirement account (IRA).

If you do already have a diversified portfolio, you’ll want to consider how Tesla fits into that — ask yourself how much you’re already exposed to EV stocks, or simply to stocks in general. A strong portfolio has a healthy mix of stocks and bonds, though the exact asset allocation depends on your goals, timeline and risk tolerance. If this is all new to you, here is what you’ll need to know to open a brokerage account. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

TSLA stock ranks third in IBD’s auto manufacturers industry group. Stellantis (STLA) is in first place, followed by Ferrari (RACE). It’s the first recall for the Semi, which is produced at the company’s factory in Sparks, Nev. In early December, defi stocks Tesla unveiled its long awaited Semi, an 18-wheel, long-haul electric freight truck, five years after it was first announced. However, Tesla ordered a voluntary recall of 35 of its all-electric Class 8 Semi trucks due to a parking brake issue.

This business model has rubbed many people the wrong way, but it benefits Tesla significantly. Because of this, it should be valued closer to Ferrari at 35 times earnings rather than General Motors at six or Toyota with a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 8.6. While Tesla is still valued at 90 times earnings, it could reach that threshold if it maintains its growth.

Decide How Much to Invest

It also has all the research and education you need to be a successful investor as well as different types of investment accounts designed for particular goals. According to its latest earnings report, Tesla’s revenues were up a whopping 80% year over year. If all of that makes you want in on Tesla’s electrifying growth, here’s everything you need to know to buy TSLA stock. Today, Tesla’s stock is trading at over 147 times forward earnings.

The key to successful investing

So before we look into whether you should invest in Tesla in 2018, lets first understand what the company does. TESLA Inc. is primarily an electric car manufacturing company. They also develop, install and maintain energy generation and storage systems and sell solar electricity. They are best known for their self-driving vehicles, with their latest car MODEL 3.

If you’re buying Tesla stock with a long-term mindset (three to five years), then the stock is a great buy today. However, I don’t know when the bear market turnaround will come, and the stock may drop further in the short term. Investors can mitigate this by slowly easing into the stock over set time periods, potentially buying the stock for a lower price.

Those cost savings allowed Tesla to post $1.07 in Q4 earnings per share (EPS) — a 57% increase. Tesla’s stock price was essentially flat for several years after the 2010 IPO. In 2008, the carmaker had endured a near-death experience, and in the lead-up to the IPO and afterwards, it was selling only one car, the original Roadster.

Tesla’s ready to split again

When choosing growth stocks with the biggest potential gains, based on the technical and fundamental investing criteria, focus on those with a Composite Rating of 90 or higher. How does Tesla have such a high profit margin compared to legacy automakers? Because Tesla sells directly to consumers, it doesn’t need to share profits with dealers.

If you’re on a tight budget, spending hundreds of dollars on a single share of stock may not be feasible. However, there’s a way to invest in Tesla for as little as $1 — and it’s easier than you may think. Despite its volatility, Tesla has experienced an incredible climb over the past year. The company also said it continues to “make progress” on its next generation platform.

But it doesn’t matter because you’re making more money on your winning trades than on the losing trades. Number two, the trading strategy tells you exactly when to enter, and this is what we have with the PowerX Strategy, we have clear-cut rules. Talk about a little bit of insider trading, and this is what happened recently. Elon Musk sold 6.9 billion dollars of Tesla shares, and this is why Tesla went down by 15%.

Public companies like TSLA are required to publicize detailed information about their financial health in these. All brokerages are not created equal, so you’ll want to be sure to compare the fees, available investments and services offered by at least a few to Best oil etf determine which is right for you. Whether you’re buying a dip or looking to add the electric car industry to your portfolio, here’s how to buy Tesla stock. But maybe the opportunity to buy Tesla stock during one of its price dips is what piques your interest.

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