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These Kotlin guidelines made it easier for new developers to read about and start writing Kotlin in a matter of days. ManekTech is the best choice among the crowd for top-notch high-quality AngularJS product development. Kotlin is a progressive language for programming and becomes a primary choice of developers. Apps like Pinterest, Uber, Postmates, Evernote, Corda, Shadowsocks, Simple Calendar and Glader have migrated from Java to Kotlin. ManekTech offers a wide range of Kotlin services, including Kotlin App Development, Kotlin App Optimization, Kotlin Application Design, Kotlin Application Prototyping, Kotlin Migration, Kotlin Upgradation, and Services.

kotlin development services

That translates to mobile apps that are easier and cheaper to maintain, and more efficient teams. RavStack is well-versed with developing innovative and premium quality web applications that will suit your organisational needs. The applications developed under the aegis of RavStack are interactive and foolproof, giving the customers the best app usage experience and converting the leads to the clients. Here you’ll learn how to develop and improve your cross-platform mobile application using Kotlin Multiplatform.

Trust is the foundation of great products

Netguru also helped improve all-in-one real estate tool Command, and helped build an entirely new design system from scratch. With one million lines of code, the project was three years in the making. Netguru supported the Temi team with Android and iOS software skills and introduced them to their agile culture. Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically-typed, open-source programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine (JVM). Developed by JetBrains, the project started in 2010, with the first official release in February 2016.

kotlin development services

Kotlin cracks business logic and UI and offers an efficient way to compose a fully native UI and enhance app appearance with less code, reduced bugs. It helps to shrink app development costs because Kotlin allows reusing the written code by modifying it for iOS. Contact ManekTech’s tech experts and learn more about how our Kotlin application development services can cater to your specific business needs. MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance. Nirali has total 5 years of experience in Android application development.

What is the alternative to Kotlin?

Concise and highly readable, Kotlin reduces development effort and allows your team to deliver exceptional mobile experiences faster. As your one-stop Android app development partner, we guide you through the entire process of Kotlin app development for better results, lower cost and higher output. Java can do a great job in Android development and can be a perfect choice, especially in the hands of seasoned developers. When the time comes to make that language switch, Java development companies won’t have that much difficulty, as Kotlin is intertwined with Java in some sense. Kotlin is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) language that interoperates well with Java. That means you can use Java libraries in Kotlin projects and vice versa.

  • The applications developed under the aegis of RavStack are interactive and foolproof, giving the customers the best app usage experience and converting the leads to the clients.
  • The company invested heavily in its own software, the cloud, and AI, leveraging their data to boost AI-powered technology.
  • Being a lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework, Javalin allows easy creation of REST APIs.
  • However, they also identified various setbacks and inconveniences, which, in their opinion, held the framework back from letting developers truly express themselves.
  • Kotlin also supports modern programming concepts like extension functions, higher-order functions, and delegates.

In Kotlin, you don’t need to specify a variable type, because it is inferred from the context in which the language is written. When you run the compiler, it can automatically figure out what the variable type is, and how it’s supposed to function within the application. With Kotlin’s uninterrupted progress, ManekTech needs to ensure that the progress of our clients too remain uninterrupted. So we offer Kotlin upgrade and maintenance services to our clients so that their applications can always perform steadily and keep their competitive edge sharp and effective.

Minimal development efforts

At RavStack, we suit our Agile framework according to our clients’ requirements, and not our clients’ needs to our project management model. This customer-first approach is what steered us to establish our own Agile project management framework that combines SAFE, SCRUM, LESS, extreme programming and Kanban. While our Java expertise allows for similar production too, yet when the client expects a faster and easier to comprehend backend solution, we know that Kotlin development is what would suffice.

We offer the full range of mobile app testing services to prepare your product for a seamless roll-out and improve your user experience and satisfaction. Kotlin app development is a quick, user-friendly process that boosts code safety, developer and client satisfaction, and productivity. This speeds up the development process, simplifies code support and testing. Since NullPointerException https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ is a major cause of Android bugs and crashes, this is a life saver. This is because, unlike Java, Kotlin does not allow developers to assign a null value to an object reference, which reduces the potential for coding errors. As a result, developers save time on testing and debugging their application, resulting in a more streamlined launch and post-launch support schedule.

Package delivery app development

RavStack is a well-known name when it comes to the development of websites or mobile applications to process the orders and manage the distribution of a wholesale company. The team sprinkled the magic of its work and integrated all the functions of the venture in the mobile application. They are the providers of quality when it comes to developing web applications, and you can stay assured of the fact that every project will be delivered in time. The apps developed by them are the unique fusions of technology with creativity for the apps are equipped with robust features and have a creative user interface.

Developed by JetBrains and released in 2011, Kotlin was initially introduced as a replacement for Java. In 2017, Google adopted Kotlin as the official Android programming language. Fully interoperable with Java, Kotlin has skyrocketed in popularity and become a notable language in its own right — which is why so many businesses are turning to Kotlin development services today. Our Kotlin developers don’t end up with the delivery of the desired products but also provide maintenance and support services that allow keeping solutions up-to-date and ensure that each component works for our clients’ success. Kotlin comes with a built-in tool that helps to convert the existing Java code into a Kotlin code with a single click. Given that Kotlin is the more advanced of the languages, this simple functionality helps reduce the development time significantly and also boosts the overall performance.

Key features of Kotlin language

These services make it easy for you to integrate with other purposeful third-party applications. We help our clients change, upgrade, or redesign their mobile apps
to adapt to the latest technological trends. Kotlin is a programming language created by JetBrains, the company behind the popular Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA.

kotlin development services

When creating microservices and web applications, we take advantage of the asynchronous Ktor framework. This union enables us to be more flexible without comprising the Agile principle so that we can deliver the remarkable IT consulting services that add value to our clients’ business and help them grow exponentially. Being a concise, expressive language and also given its interoperability with the existing languages, Kotlin requires minimal development efforts and seamless integrations. For starters, it provides better stability, clarity, and speed on the Android app. Secondly, Kotlin lets the team continue to use Java where it suits them, without compromising on the build quality of the application. The team at JetBrains also wanted to simplify the learning and coding process, to create a language similar to Java but also quicker and easier to learn with less manual coding required to perform the same executions.

Hire the Top Notch Kotlin Developers

Kotlin language is known for being an ideal technology for the development of Android solutions, and for good reason. In addition to a number of significant benefits that were listed above, the Kotlin team and community offers thousands of ready-made solutions that allow extending Kotlin’s standard functionality. Initially, the development https://www.globalcloudteam.com/10-reasons-why-you-need-kotlin-development-company/ team at Trello liked Kotlin in its early stages, but wanted to vet it a bit more before using it to make major changes. Over the years, though, Trello has fully embraced Kotlin as a powerful programming language. As of 2018, the Trello codebase was made up of around 30.8 percent Kotlin, a number that has likely grown since then.

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